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Price of Beach Badges To Rise as a Result of Hurricane Sandy

May 10, 2013 by admin

By Robyn Karabin

     After Hurricane Sandy, many parts of New Jersey’s shoreline were destroyed and left in ruins.  With the help of FEMA, The Robin Hood Foundation, and the endless support of locals, many beaches are pushing to re-open by the summer season.

Foundation, Social Media Helped BCC Recover

May 10, 2013 by admin


Dan Soden & Mike DeMarco

     This past October, Superstorm Sandy made its way through the East Coast, destroying homes and lives. Communities were torn apart, but with strong efforts they were able to come together and help one another rebuild. 

BCC Musician Creates 'The Lonely Storm' While Recovering

May 10, 2013 by admin

By Blake Corrao

     When Super-Storm Sandy hit, it destroyed all in its path, shut down power for days and destroyed homes all along the Jersey Shore. No one knows the utter power of Hurricane Sandy like 21-year-old Chris Canberg, whose entire life was changed by the storm.

Brookdale Students Help Sea Bright Recover

May 10, 2013 by admin

By Lauren Cisneros

    The Sea Bright community suffered greatly from Hurricane Sandy. Water levels exceeded 5 feet in some areas, and houses were completely destroyed.

    On April 5, 13 Brookdale students got up early on Friday morning to help Sea Bright in any way they could.

Speaking at Honors Symposium Terrifies Writer

May 10, 2013 by admin

 By Mandi Shaw-Koehler

     On Friday April 19, the graduating class presented in the annual Spring Honors Symposium. A three-hour event, the symposium is held each year to showcase the accumulation of hard work and critical thinking of Brookdale honors students. 

     I was one of those graduating students presenting in this event, and quite frankly, I was terrified.

Jackie Robinson: A Hero on the Field and on the Big Screen

May 10, 2013 by admin

By John Sorce

     “42” is a must-see for any sports fan or history fan. It shows how instrumental Jackie Robinson was to American history. His breaking of the color barrier in baseball was a big step to the civil rights movement and ultimately the integration of America as well as allowing athletes of different races and ethnicities to play professional sports.

You Can Save A Life By Giving Blood

April 19, 2013 by admin

By Joe Reyes

   Would you believe that New Jersey is the lowest blood-donating state in the country? Less than 2 percent of the people of New Jersey donated blood last year. The biggest problem is that most of the blood donated remains in the state in which it was given.

Belly Dancing Featured at International Festival

April 19, 2013 by admin

By Seamus Hacket

   On Tuesday, April 9, in the SLC, students and faculty were treated to quite the show in the Navesink rooms for the International Festival.

Honors Program at BCC: A Rewarding Opportunity For Students

April 19, 2013 by admin

By Miranda Bonamo

Entering college for the first time can be a difficult task. Coming from a safe, high school environment, you’re suddenly thrown into classes with complete strangers.

‘Speak Out’ Meeting Addresses Some Controversial Issues

April 19, 2013 by admin

By Dan Natale

Brookdale Community College has many different faces. Some view it as a purgatory for lost souls to desperately try and atone for their high school sins. Others view it as a great opportunity for people to find themselves and get their careers on track at an affordable price.
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