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Peter Burnham Resigns As BCC President

March 10, 2011 by Brian Harris

By Brian Harris and Kim Viola

Brookdale president Peter F. Burnham, who was placed on administrative leave on March 3 due to an investigation into the spending habits of the president’s office, resigned as president last night, effective immediately, in a statement through his attorney to the Asbury Park Press.

President's Reaction Leave BCC Faculty With Mixed Emotions

March 10, 2011 by Brian Harris

By Casey Brannigan and Amanda Willis

Peter Burnham resigned March 8 after serving as Brookdale president for 20 years. The move comes after two weeks of headline news with stories that started with discussions of county aid being cut and tuition rising and quickly turned into allegations of financial impropriety in the president’s office.

The response from faculty and staff about the resignation, which came on the heels of Burnham being placed on administrative leave without pay on March 3, was mixed.

BCC Students React To Burnham's Reaction

March 10, 2011 by Brian Harris

By Wilson Conde

“According to what we know at this point in time, the college took too much action against a man who was president for 20 years and who did more for this college than anyone else has,” said Matt Riccardi, a 24-year-old, fourth-semester biology student from Eatontown, who is also president of the History and Political Science Club and an ex-Marine. “He took this school from being basically a piece of scrap to being one of the top 10 community colleges in the country.”

83rd Annual Academy Awards Are A Must See By Kim Viola

February 20, 2011 by Brian Harris

The nominations are in
for the 83rd annual Oscar
award ceremony. With 46
movies nominated for
awards from best picture
to visual effects and
makeup, the list of
nominees is packed with
the best films of the year.
The most nominated
movie is “The Kings
Speech,” with 12 different
nominations, including
best picture, costume
design and writing.
Other highly nominated
movies are, “Inception”
with eight nominations,
“The Social Network” with
eight nominations, “The
Fighter” with seven
nominations, and “Toy

First Dodgeball Tournament Hits The Mark

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Brian Harris
On Dec 3, the sounds of rubber balls thudding against people echoed throughout the B-Rec center. It was the first dodgeball tournament and it was a huge success.
Twelve teams, that ranged from athletic department teams to administration and faculty to various student clubs and organizations, signed up in order to win money for the charity of their choice.

New SLB President And Vice-President Picked

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Brian Harris
Elections were held on Dec 6. to choose a new president and vice-president of the SLB since the current president, Alec Moran, and vice-president Sasha Basista are moving on. Running for the position of vice-president were Chris Cummings, Larry DePalma and Raven Halliwell while the people going for the SLB presidency were Mike Petschenik, Liane Librizzi and current SLB treasurer Armen Sahakian. In their speeches, all of the candidates spoke about plans and ideas for both the SLB and Brookdale as a whole.

‘Bullying Is A Vicious Cycle’

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Samantha Ciccarella
Like every other kid who has ever lived, I have seen bullying, I have been bullied, and I have been a bully.
Bullying comes in so many forms. In the hallways there are taunts, stares, insults under the breath, pushes, and shoves.
Behind the glow of the computer screen, people feel empowered that they can say whatever harmful things they desire without actually seeing their victim’s face.
I’ve experienced the hurtful taunts in school and even more so the harassment online.

‘Make A Difference’ This Holiday Season

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Christopher Reeves
“This event is all in the title, 'Make A Difference.’” said Matt Riccardi, 23, a third-semester political science major from Union City.
Riccardi is the president of the Political Science club, which will be holding a Make a Difference Darfur Fundraiser 7 to 9 p.m. Dec.9 at the PAC.
In Sudan, there have been countless killings of innocent people because of guerilla warfare and civil issues in the region that have been labeled a genocide since 2003.

String Quartet Performs ‘Live At Lunch’

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

Professor ‘Spike’ Fowler Talks About Recently Published Book

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Jordan Edmond
“I have dreamt about writing this book for two decades,” says Michael “Spike” Fowler a professor of marketing and economics at Brookdale on his recently published book “Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore: A Story of Ocean Rescue in New Jersey.”
A professor here at Brookdale for 42 years Fowler continued, “(I) started at it actually 11 years ago.
I’ve been just picking at it, but three or four years ago I felt like going at it full speed.

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