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Prescription Drug Abuse Rising On Campuses

October 18, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

Adderall Pill

By Suzy Albanese
 College kids are experimenting with prescription drugs meant to help treat ADHD. Adderall, a psycho-stimulant, has become increasingly popular among college students.
  The drug is used to lessen hyperactivity. However, students not suffering from this problem are using it to pull “all-nighters” to finish last-minute homework and even to stay up all night while drinking and partying.
  “Even though I know it’s bad to take somebody else’s prescription medication, when my friend offered it to me, I didn’t turn it down,” said Michael Giato, a 19- year-old sophomore at Monmouth University.
  This attitude is shared among many college students. Several students who admitted to having used Adderall at least once said they would take it again.
  “It helps me finish my homework plus gives me tons of energy. What’s not to love?” asked Melodie Warner, a third-semester Brookdale student.
  Students taking Adderall on a regular basis are under the impression that it cannot cause them any harm since they may have friends who take it as prescribed.
 Professor Georae Letizia, addiction studies instructor at Brookdale, is aware of the rise of students’ casual use of Adderall.
  “There’s social pressure from their peers to fit in as well as the pressure to do well in school,” Letizia said. “Many of them may turn to Adderall for those reasons. Adderall is highly addictive, and students are abusing the method of intake to achieve a greater high.”
  Drugs like Adderall are easily attained, which makes them popular among students.
  Using another person’s prescription drugs is dangerous, and illegal.
  The consequences of being caught with a drug like Adderall can range from a formal warning that remains on the student’s personal record, to being charged and arrested for possession and/or intent

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