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SLB Prez Wants Another Student Rep

October 6, 2010 by admin

Student Life Board President Alec Moran

By Charles W. Kim

Student Life Board President Alec Moran is asking college Governance to add another student representative to the Steering Committee.

"I would like Governance to clarify the role of the student representative," Moran said during the Oct. 5 forum. "We should (also) increase the student representatives to two for continuity and consistency."

Moran, who also serves as the single student representative to the standing Steering Committee as well as SLB president, said adding another representative would bring the committee's representation in line with other groups represented with two members.

In addition to increasing the number of students on the committee, Moran said he wanted to see a clarification in the Governance Constitution as to what duties the student representative(s) actually have and to make sure they have a "standing goal."

"I would like to know the reason (for the student representative)," Moran said. "I would like to know what the representative is supposed to be doing."

Governance is a decision-making body consisting of students, faculty and college staff that discuss and recommend changes in all aspects of college life including academics, parking, and other issues, according to a brochure explaining the body.

Meetings between the various committees and general forums are held on alternate Tuesdays during the college hour, according to the organization.

Once a recommendation is approved by a vote from Governance, it is forwarded to Brookdale President Peter Burnham for consideration. If Burnham approves, the recommendation is then taken in front of the Board of Trustees for final approval and implementation.

The body voted to ban smoking on all campuses last semester and that recommendation is now being considered by the board and a final vote to approve the plan is scheduled for tonight.

Standing committees of Governance include steering, diversity, academic standards, academic council, college life, student development, and institutional planning and effectiveness.

Steering Committee Chairman Gail Harrigan said student involvement helped the diversity committee carry out its function last year.

"There is a lot of value in student participation," Harrigan said. "(Students) brought ideas to diversity (events)."

Moran said that while the work takes time to complete, it helped "bridge the gap" between students and college government.

"The communication (between Governance and the SLB) got better," Moran said. "It just grew (over time)."

Moran also said he spent much of his time trying to make students aware of what Governance does and getting them more involved.

"The students are the reason we (Governance) do what we're doing," Moran said.

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