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Fashion Spotlight

October 6, 2010 by admin

Kylee Dooley
Lindsay Macik


Wait! Don’t put away that pretty little summer dress quite yet. Fall is the perfect season for layers and incorporating something with a summer-y feel will add a little something extra to your fall basics. Stick to these three rules to make your autumn outfit a standout.

1. Keep it flowy; to nail this look, light layers are key. Thin layers that have movement look natural with your favorite summer pieces while layers that are too bulky make you look larger than you really are. Try a belt to define your natural waist.

2. Put your tights to the test! Pair tights to your favorite cut-offs with a plaid button down and you’re grundge in the best way. Also, add your tights with your summer heels but, steer clear of those strappy sparkly stilettos and grab your peep toe wedges or platforms instead.

3. Try keeping your make-up basic. A dewy face with rosy cheeks looks fresh and new compared to the glam look you rocked throughout the summer.

Now, check out these Brookdale students making the most of their summer wardrobes.

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