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Asia Society Celebrates Diversity Day

April 30, 2014 by admin

By Ann Conley-
Professor of French, Modern Language Department 
     To celebrate Diversity Day this year, the members of the Brookdale Asia Society really came together to offer a fascinating in-depth adventure into their many varied cultures.  As a professor of French here at the college, I was not in the habit of dropping in on expositions presented out of my field.  Well, I’m very happy indeed to have experienced this extremely well-documented, colorful and tasty event presented by a very enthusiastic group of students of Asian and non-Asian backgrounds.  
     I learned so much about the variety of Asian cultures during this exotic hour and a half mini-vacation!  Visitors to the event were treated to enticing images of the beauty of this vast region on a number of computer screens, projections and artistically done mounted displays.      Students representing Korea, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Philippines and more were extremely knowledgeable as they welcomed visitors to their country and culture.  Personally, I had a delicious and delightful stroll through the colorful displays and artifacts, sampling tural, curry, spring rolls, Singapore noodles, fried rice, chicken teriyaki  and more while chatting with each cultural representative.  
     The hour of exploration was followed up by an Asia trivia game complete with prizes. The Asia Society has been a vibrant part of the Brookdale community since its inception in 1994 with mathematics professor Linda Wang as its founding and still present adviser. 
     The organization and its members have been awarded numerous prizes through the years for their outstanding contributions to campus life here at Brookdale.
     You don’t have to be Asian to join in the adventure!
Much thanks to Shin, Zhu, Cat and Collin, Mitch and Cyril, Brittany and Diego, Joe Penta, Shannon, Bill and all who really put their hearts into making my heart fall in love with their cultures!
     I am looking forward to future adventures suggested by next year’s VP Shin Huynh.  He proposes a film series, opportunities to learn Asian languages through relaxed conversations with native speakers and much more!  A sure bet for upcoming semesters.  
     Tip for everyone eager to meet friendly, talented, inspired and inspiring students while exploring the globe…Look into the wonderful world of the Asia Society here at Brookdale!
Glad I did!
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