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Band Inspired By A Generation Going 'Nowhere'

April 29, 2014 by admin

By Louis Denza
    From the garage to the stage, Brookdale’s own Joe Truisi rocks out as the bassist and frontman of the hot, new band Generation Nowhere. 
     In the classroom, Truisi goes by Joe or Joseph, but on stage his persona transforms into the unique rockstar known as Joey Thunder. Truisi is a 19-year-old, fourth-semester education major from Manalapan, but Thunder is a 19-year-old student of rock ‘n’ roll and majors in hair, make-up, and guitar.
     Generation Nowhere was created only a year ago at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch for the first ever Operation Anarchy fest. Thunder slaps the bass, harmonizes, and is the lead vocals. He shares the mic with rhythm guitarist and cousin Anthony Vanderstar of Stockton College, as fellow Stocktian Nicky LaGrua shreds on lead guitar. The band is complete with the percussion and rhythm from drummer Brandon Bahr.
     Thunder was previously the lead singer for his high school bands “Wild” and “Hot Lips,” which were metal bands.
     From there, LaGrua and Thunder created Generation Nowhere, which will take on Brighton Bar for the second version of Operation Anarchy fest on Saturday. 
     The transition from metal to punk was not difficult for Thunder.
     “The fact that we play with a lot of metal bands, and we are the only punk band is a really punk thing to do since we stand out to the crowd. We say hey listen to this, and do what we’re gonna do, because we don’t care if we’re opening for three metal bands.”
        The reason this comes easy is because his style is hybrid.      
     “When it comes to stage banter and movement, I kinda copy the “Star Child”; It’s all really Paul Stanley influenced,” said Thunder. For the song “Starry Eyes,” Thunder mocks a young Paul McCartney as he sways and lifts his bass to his waist just like the Beatles were seen doing on the Ed Sullivan Show.
        “It’s all influenced because you can’t really limit to one. You take it all and make a big mash up and make it roll somehow. Bassist wise, the band is really influenced based off of Blink-182 so I look to Mark Hoppus for that. Hoppus, Paul McCartney, Flea from Chilli Peppers, Not only (Flea’s) music but his attitude and the way he runs around makes for a great performance.”
        Generation Nowhere is named after the future children of America. Thunder believes their is little hope for the future of children.
     “I work at camp and the campers I work with are about 12 years old, and  I see their attitude, lack of knowledge, not a lack of knowledge but the way they see the world, they’re so conceded. They’re attached to their phones and everything. I see the next generation coming are headed for bad ways. I think they’re a generation nowhere, and that name kinda stuck and I thought it was a cool name.”
     Thunder also added, “Gene Simmons and Mark Hoppus both famous bass players... Gene Simmons was a sixth grade teacher before KISS, and Mark Hoppus was going to school to become a teacher before Blink-182 made it big.
     So there is something that should be said about bass players who want to become teachers. I think that it’s kind of cool. All I’ve ever wanted out of life was to inspire. I do it on stage with my band, and I feel like if being a rockstar doesn’t work,  if that doesn’t work out, I feel like a great way to inspire people is becoming a teacher to motivate students.”
     On Saturday April 26, Generation Nowhere and 12 other bands will take the Brighton Bar stage in Long Branch. Tickets are $12 at the door.
     “I’m always finding ways to entertain the crowd, going crazy. We have a lot of surprises for this show. We have some guests coming up to sing songs, and we’re going to do a really cool cover. You always try and top yourself, and you always try and put on the show you would want to see as a fan, because that’s what we are, we’re just fans, we just have fun. When it stops being fun you should stop doing it.” 
     Thunder guarantees one heck of a show for his fans and is always grateful for new people to hop on the Generation Nowhere bandwagon.
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