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N/A Meetings Could Make All The Difference In Getting And Staying Clean

April 29, 2014 by admin

By Patrick Sporn
     A recovering heroin addict, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed his feelings on his addiction in front of about 25 other recovering addicts at the Narcotics Anonymous meeting Tuesday night.  
     The meeting took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Freehold Borough, and is held there every Tuesday at  7:15 p.m.  This N/A group usually consists of about 20 to 30 people per week.  Sometimes the meeting only has 12 on certain occasions. 
     “It really depends on the people. We’ve got people that go back to it so they stop coming. Sometimes they come back for help, sometimes no.  But we’ve always got different types of people coming in, looking for help,” the anonymous leader said.
     Now 32, he has been clean for five years and is now a regular sponsor and group leader.  
     This particular N/A group mostly consists of heroin addicts, but everyone is accepted.  What the N/A groups are about is for helping people who are either struggling           
to stay clean or are recovering from their addiction.  It’s a place where addicts can share their stories and get some closure or help other addicts.  Addicts can express themselves and not have to worry about being judged.  Anyone is welcome, addicts, their friends and family members who are trying to understand the disease.  
     Unfortunately, opiate abuse seems to be the most consistent path for certain Brookdale students.
     A student here at Brookdale, who did not want me to reveal his name, has been struggling with heroin addiction for two years now.  He had just gotten out of Endeavor House Clinic, a detox facility; almost a month ago now.  Still he has been having difficulties coping with his addiction.  He, too, attends N/A meetings including the one held in Freehold Borough at times.  The recovering addict has said that he does find the meetings helpful.
     “It’s a program, and it will work 100 percent, as long as you work it and put the effort in.  It’s something you have really got to want in order for it to work for you,” the Brookdale student said.
     In other words, the N/A has a 12- step program in which the recovering addict must go through one at a time. These steps include apologizing to those who you’ve wronged during your addiction and accepting that you have a problem, and such.
     Addicts must put a lot of work in if they hope to succeed.  
At the end of every meeting, everyone joins together in a circle and says the serenity prayer.  Others, with different beliefs might have found that offensive.  Another anonymous member, a 25-year old recovering heroin addict who is very particular when it comes to talking about God and religion said that it doesn’t bother him because people don’t have to use God or go in that direction.  They can use whatever suits them.  “The N/A isn’t a Christian thing, they’re for everybody and they even say that you can use whatever you feel comfortable with personally or religiously,” the member said.
N/A does not discriminate and is for anyone seeking help from their addiction.  If any students are trying to seek help you can call their hotline.  HELPLINE 1-800-992-0401.    
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