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Deeper Than Skin With Brookdale's Beauty And Brow Expert Sara Kosmyna

April 29, 2014 by admin

By Laura Vedder
     Beauty, for Brookdale Alum and brow expert, makeup artist and entrepreneur Sara Kosmyna, goes much deeper than skin. The third generation cosmetologist comes from a family of accomplished Italian and Ukrainian industry professionals and is following the tradition as a makeup artist and proprietor of central New Jersey’s Bombshell Beauty. 
     Growing up in the age of “Beauty and the Beast”, Sara Kosmyna first found her calling for the industry as a young girl. “I’ve always been artistic and obsessed with girly things like lipstick, high heels, pretty hair, and Disney princesses.  I started experimenting with my own eyebrows in elementary school and wanted to do people’s makeup ever since I got my hands on a tube of lipstick,” the 27-year-old central New Jersey native recalls. 
     As an adult, her interest in beauty literally began to pay off – specifically for school. Sara gained her cosmetology license at 18 and worked in the industry while she attended Brookdale, using her talent to pay for her education. She received her Associates in Psychology from Brookdale and also focused on Creative Writing, her other passion. After graduating from Brookdale, Sara continued her education at Emerson College where she received her BFA degree in Writing, Literature and Publishing.
     After college, Sara combined her passion for both writing and beauty. She continues to write articles on self esteem, skin care, makeup tips, and career advice for a variety of professional publications and companies in the fashion and cosmetic worlds. 
     Today, she also runs her own business, which provides beauty services for a variety of events and needs, such as celebrity fashion shows and red carpet events. Sara frequently does everything from photo shoots to proms and weddings; she also teaches makeup application workshops to a wide range of clientele. "I get to meet and work with a lot of people for their special occasions. I love that I get to be part of a really important time in each of their lives,” said Kosmyna
     Coincidentally, her psychology degree often comes in handy on the job. “[As a makeup artist] You work a little bit like a therapist. The experience gets a lot more intimate when you come into someone’s personal space and get to know each other one-on-one,” said Kosmyna.
Beyond the creative aspects of cosmetology, Sara’s family has inspired her to be a well-rounded cosmetologist and explore some of the healing facets of beauty during some of life’s most critical times. “It brings me joy to work with people who have cancer. My mom and aunt both battled cancer. That experience inspired me to go out on my own and really help people. I teach those with hair loss from chemotherapy how to reemphasize their eyebrows and eyelashes with makeup while they fighting something serious. If it helps them to feel an ounce better about themselves, I’ve done my job, ” said Kosmyna.
     One of Sara’s specialties is eyebrows, something she realized from a young age. “When I was little I would draw pictures of beautiful women and usually start with the eyebrow, “ said Kosmyna.
     Along with helping her clients, her experiences in the field have helped her with her own personal triumphs as well. She told the story of a photo shoot she worked on last year on September 11 in Manhattan. “I was always scared to go into the city that day because I saw [the attack] the day it happened, from across the water in New Jersey. I took the job partially to face my fear. The shoot took place on one of the highest floors of the Decoration and Design Building in Manhattan, with a beautiful backdrop of skyscrapers. I felt triumphant at the end of the day and the photos have been featured in magazines, landing the cover shot,” said Kosmyna.
     Although she already has her own business, Sara has big goals for the future. “For now, I would like to work with younger girls teaching confidence and beauty tips. I would love to write a beauty book, possibly a series of books. And I think it would be really cool to develop my own products.   I’m open to all possibilities and I would love to work on more television shows and films. Being on set is so much fun!” said Kosmyna.
     For those interested in pursuing cosmetology as a career, Sara said, “Read as much as you can about it. Find people who are supportive. Talk to make
up artists, ask them questions, and expect real answers.” With regard to her own personal inspirations, “I love Kevyn Aucoin. Anyone who wants to learn makeup should look at his two books he published. They are my beauty bibles,” said Kosmyna.
Although aptly named, making people beautiful is not always what it seems. “Outwardly, it looks glamorous, but when you’re the makeup artist, you’re not the client. You’re not the one being beautified. On set, something will almost always happen that you’ll have to accommodate.  Someone will be late or show up with a huge pimple. You have to be prepared for anything,” said Kosmyna
     For more information on Sara Kosmyna and the Bombshell Beauty Studio, check out her website or email her at 
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