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Say Aloha To An All-Purpose Shirt

April 29, 2014 by admin

A Column

By Seamus Hackett
     It’s getting to be that time of year again, where the sun is shining and the air is warm.  Treat your body right and wear a Hawaiian shirt.  
     Originally called “Aloha” shirts, they were created in 1904 by a Japanese immigrant named Miyamoto Chotaro in his store Musashi-ya Shoten, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Though the shirts really didn’t start to sell till after he died in 1915, his son Miyamoto Koichiro changed the store to more of a specialty store, which specialized in the manufacturing of Hawaiian shirts, and they became an instant hit.  
     Hawaiian shirts didn’t really start to receive popularity on the mainland until after World War II because of the soldiers who were stationed on Hawaii and in the Pacific.  After the war, people flocked to Hawaii to see the beautiful landscape along with getting a little piece of the newest style.
     In Hawaii, these shirts are considered the same as wearing a shirt and tie.  So in Hawaii I would be one of the classier citizens.  Though I feel as if I am a very classy individual in society.  They wear that as their classy wear because of the intense humidity on the islands.   They wouldn’t be able to wear a suit and tie and feel comfortable in the heat.
     I love wearing Hawaiian shirts because I’m a pretty big dude.  They fit comfortably on me and I love the roominess of them.  I wear them 80’s style (leave 2-3 buttons open up top) since I have the chest hair to go along with it.  I like to feel the wind in my shirt and it really cools you down on a hot summer’s day.  I can also show off my recycle sign tattoo that I have on my chest, people always get a kick out of that.
     I always get Hawaiian shirts that have really cool or hilarious patterns and designs on them because you have to like the way you look, and why not be flashy.  I always get compliments on my Hawaiian’s; I think people are jealous how I can pull off such an elaborate outfit.  One of my favorites is a black Hawaiian with a bunch of salmon on it.
     I recommend that everyone wear Hawaiian shirts.  Feel comfortable in what you wear and what you look like.  Who cares what people say about what you are wearing, if it feels good wear it.  I like to make fun of myself, and why not do it with my outfits.
     Hawaiian shirts aren’t as expensive as many would think.  Yes brand new ones are pretty expensive, but you can do what I do and go thrift shopping.  
     I have a whole array of Hawaiians maybe 12 in all and I spent probably around $25 for them all.  Go check out your local thrift stores and see what you can find.
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