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Don't Sacrifice Your Artistic Integrity For Anything

April 29, 2014 by admin

A Column

By Elaine Marie Biddulph
     Throughout history artists have had to compete to have their work accepted by the masses and displayed in the various exhibits throughout the art community.  
     This culture of competition has led many an artist to create more outlandish and shocking works of art in order to attain attention from the art community, but that does not necessarily mean the art is of astounding quality.  I am a firm believer that art should be made with artistic integrity and that to do otherwise is selling yourself short.
     The urban dictionary defines artistic integrity as the means to create art for the hell of it, not because you want profit.  Art should be an expression of your artistic vision and not something done to merely appease people and have it liked or purchased.  Often there are those who produce quantity over quality and this contradicts how both my painting mentor and I feel about art. To create something that you haven’t really put your heart into just to make money or obtain an audience is when an artist has lost their artistic integrity.
     I myself exhibit on a regular basis and feel that much of the artwork included in shows is questionable in its quality and diversity of subject matter.  To create artwork to appease or attract society at large is not being true to oneself as the artist.  I am a multi-faceted artist in multiple mediums including photography, graphic design, animation, film and video, pen and inks, watercolor, gouache-tempera, pastels, and acrylics. I create art because it simply makes me feel good and to see something crafted with my own two hands gives me a sense of fulfillment.
     And just maybe if on the off chance another person enjoys its aesthetic qualities then all for the better, but their approval is not necessary for me to continue creating artwork.
     My mentor has told me many times he feels that when you think about it “Art is a need for approval.  A desire to be accepted.”   I want acceptance, everyone wants acceptance, but I will not pander for that acceptance.  I am a talented artist who has done everything that an artist needs to do to attain the success I desire.  As my mentor says “keep on knocking and eventually the door will open” and you don’t have to give up your artistic integrity to achieve this goal. 
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