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With Busy Schedules, Students Seek Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy

March 21, 2014 by admin

By Juliann Fiorentino
     With classes, jobs, relationships, extra circular activities and endless mounds of homework, it is no surprise that students need quick fixings.      
     According to New York University, on average a college student will eat at a fast food restaurant one to three times a week. But what about the students who are looking to improve their diets? With the average student working 10 to 15 hours, a week, sometimes per day depending on the work load, how do students grab something that is fast but healthy?  
     Juicing and other protein shakes are becoming the new fad. It’s a quick, easy way to combine protein powered fruits and vegetables in one giant gulp, but can it be nutritional? 
     According to PBS, there is a lack of scientific evidence that supports that juicing vegetables is significantly healthier than eating them. Another article suggests that substituting a protein drink for a meal will help in weight loss, but does not give the necessary nutrients the body needs daily. 
     When asked about nutrition, James Anderson, Head Athletic Trainer at Brookdale had this to say. “I always advise people to focus on healthy foods as the main source of calories. Studies have shown better absorption of the nutrients through eating food.” 
     On an episode of Dr. Oz aired in May 2013, Dr. Oz mentions a protein that he says his wife swears by. “It’s called Whey Protein powder, I call it energy concentrated.” An article provided by his website states that “if you get too little powder, you can suffer from fatigue, weakness or muscle loss.” 
     “I think protein shakes are good to have after your workouts to keep your muscles going,” said Nicolette Fusco, a fourth-semester Brookdale student. 
     Anderson also mentioned “when you abruptly limit calories, the metabolism will slow down to compensate causing a more rapid weight gain when normal eating continues.” 
     “There is no magic potion, anything that looks too good to be true probably is.” 
     Brookdale offers nutrition classes as well as a fitness evaluation within the Fitness Center.  
     For more information regarding classes,  speak with a guidance counselor. For the Fitness Evaluation, please contact the Fitness Center at (732) 224-2562 to make an appointment. The evaluation will approximately take 30 minutes. Fill out the gym membership application prior to the evaluation. The application can be found on the Brookdale Fitness Website at
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