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Annual Campus Clean-Up, Littered Grounds Enrages BCC Writer

October 30, 2013 by admin

By Seamus Hackett

     What is with all these people on campus?  On Thursday, Oct. 17,  the environmental club had its annual fall campus clean up.  
     What we found would disgust many.  Cigarette butts littered the campus.  Lets discuss the bridges by the path on parking lot 1.  Now, under the bridge there is massive amounts of cigarette butts and empty packs.  I’m a smoker as well, but I do not throw my trash on the ground.  You can do what I do and walk the fifteen feet to the garbage bin and toss out your pack and your butt.  
     Along with cigarettes we found McDonald’s wrappers, bags, cups, and French fry containers.  We also found the school lunch styrofoam just tossed out there.
     Other discoveries were a ton of empty beer cans and bottles along with empty blunt wraps all over the back of the parking lots.  I am not condoning this activity but if you’re going to indulge, at least throw your paraphernalia away.  It just shows how immature you are when you drink and smoke your weed and have no respect for the campus, especially the stoners; whom you’d imagine to be more environmentally friendly.  Come on, man, it’s not that hard, you’re just lazy if you can’t take two extra minutes of your time to throw something away.
     For instance, let’s talk about parking lots 1 and 7.  The body of water that lies right next to the parking lot is the reservoir.  With all that trash draining into it, how do you like the taste of the water fountains now?      
     Also, if you live in the Middletown area how does your faucet water taste? How clean do you feel after a shower?  Its absolutely disgusting how you treat your school and the people who live in this area.
     To be clear, I’m not judging. Like I said, I too am a smoker and yet somehow I find the time to walk over to the trash can and throw my things away; it really isn’t hard to do.  If you find it hard, then I have no idea what you are doing in college, but that’s another argument.  
     How do you guys like the little gophers around campus?  Some think they’re cute, while others think of them as vermin, but you come to wonder, they might be eating the garbage you threw on the ground cause your lazy a$$ couldn’t find the time to throw something away.  You are ruining the campus’ ecosystem every time you feel like, “I can just throw it here, it’s one little thing it, won’t be noticeable.”  That’s the problem, everyone thinks that way. If everyone on campus threw something on the ground you would be surprised about how the campus would look.  
     So next time you think of throwing a piece of trash on the ground, just think for a moment, Why am I doing this?

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