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Letter To The Stall: Calls For Change At BCC

October 30, 2013 by admin

     For over 2 years I have been voicing my concerns about the actions taken by the Brookdale Board of Trustees against Frank Lawrence. I wanted to make sure you had the latest update on this sad saga. The Appellate Division of the NJ Superior Court has reversed the Trustees' decision to terminate his employment, and remanded it back to them. Attached is a summary of the decision.
     This is the 2nd court that has told the Board that termination is unwarranted, and in this case they called their action arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable. After 2 1/2 years, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on lawyers and pr firms, not to mention the lost productivity and enormous negative impact on morale, we are right back to where it all started. It is outrageous that my tax dollars are being diverted from students to pay for ineffective lawyers and spin doctors.
     Not once since he was called into the interim president's office did anyone from the college ask Frank a single question related to the events that led to the suspension and attempted termination. Repeated requests to meet with them were ignored. Meanwhile the college's attorney continued to run up the bills while providing terrible advice and making false and misleading statements to the Trustees and the Court.
     The Appellate judges clearly understood that the 'evidence' used to take this action against him was fabricated.
     Now that many of the trustees that were in place at the start of this debacle have been replaced, it is time for the new Trustees to step up, do the right thing and right this wrong. I hope you will personally reach out to the Trustees that you have recently appointed and ask them to do what is fair and right.
     I recently wrote you about the DWI conviction of the very person who started this witch hunt at Brookdale. It's time to connect the dots and have her removed.
     It is also my opinion that any and all Trustees that were been present during this grave injustice be removed, whether appointed by our Governor , Freeholders or whomever. Their lack of diligence , judgement must lead one to question their abilities, priorities and intelligence.
     Our great country and legal system is based upon people being innocent until proven guilty. These people rushed to judgement and have harmed a good mans reputation and standing in the community. They treated us when we attended their meetings in a condescending holier than thou, demeaning fashion.
     I call on the Monmouth County Freeholders to review all expenses relating to this debacle and hold these people responsible.
     Monmouth County citizens and most importantly Brookdale students deserve so much better than administrators with DWI's and Trustees that do not deserve our time of day let alone out trust. At minimum this is an abysmal group, at worst they are complicit. Something must be done, sooner than later.
    Monmouth County needs your leadership and determination to see this through and do what is right.

Thanks for your support.

Bill Howard
Red Bank

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