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Local Spots Full Of Folklore And Mystery

October 30, 2013 by admin

By Seamus Hackett

     Do you love thrills and being terrified? Well why not check out these weird New Jersey locations to give you the fright you want for Halloween?
     Arthur Brisbane:
    This abandoned children’s mental institutions in Farmingdale, New Jersey will scare you to no end.   Local legends say you can still hear the screams of kids that were getting tortured, umm I mean, “treated,” when you walk around the building.  Footsteps and squeaky carts are other noises you hear when you are walking around the halls of the building.  Also the lights in the parking lot like to go off at random times.  Maybe there are ghosts who haunt the halls of Arthur Brisbane; you have to check it out for yourself.
    Whipporwill Valley Road
    This windy, dark, dirt road in Middletown, New Jersey is home to a few legends.  There is the legend of the witches where there are 7 bumps in the road where 7 witches were supposedly buried. There is the story of a mad trucker who races down the road and stops for no one.  Alas the human tree, which is probably the most famous on this road where it looks as if there is a human coming out of a tree.  Even if you don’t encounter any supernatural it is still a spooky road to drive down.
    Clinton Road
    In Milford, New Jersey comes a 12 mile road that has so many stories that you don’t know what to believe.  Dead mans curve which is closer to the end of the road is said to be a place where a lot of accidents occur and devil worshipers try to get you out of your car to sacrifice you to Satan.  You have the ghost boy in the pond that throws your quarter back up to you.  And the castle where Satan worshipers have done sacrifices and ceremonies for years.  This is not a place to mess around with.  If you are into the whole satanic lifestyle by all means go there enjoy your time being weird but if your not try to get out of your car as little as possible you never know who you will run into on this road.
    Fairy Tale Forest
    While this this place isn’t haunted it is still a freaky abandoned amusement park in Oak Ridge, New Jersey.  There are builds that come out of a story book with Goldilocks, the three pigs and the big bad wolf, and the old lady who lives in a shoe.  It is neat to see but might not be the scare you were looking for on Halloween.
    Ringwood Manor
    In Ringwood, New Jersey this haunted estate will terrify anyone who steps foot on the property.  From a crying housemaid on the second floor who as the legend goes was brutally murdered in one of the rooms to the former owner General Erskine sitting on his grave at dusk watching over the land, to a French soldier speaking his dialect as he walks the grounds.  This is one frightening place that will scare you out of your shoes, literally.

*Anyone who goes to these place should be aware of the consequences, and trespassing is against the law in all forms. Do not take any illegal drug with you to these places, and if you’re underage, no booze. You don’t want to have more reasons for the police to arrest you.

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