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Fox’s Glee Pays Tribute To Cory Monteith

October 17, 2013 by admin

By Juliann Fiorentino

     The tragic loss of Cory Monteith, age 31, sent the lovers of Fox’s Glee (also known as Gleeks) into an emotional stage when the young actor overdosed on heroin and alcohol. Monteith played Finn Hudson on Glee, which aired its debut back in 2009.
     This hit musical TV show based on a high school’s glee club took off for another four seasons and still continues to air.  
     His girlfriend Lea Michele, age 27, who plays Rachel on the show has been devastated and made little to no contact to the press after his death. Lea Michele was also Cory Monteith’s love interest on the show for a couple of seasons. The two battled Cory’s addiction for quite some time and Cory was planning on entering rehab before his death.  
     Last week’s episode of Glee, which aired on Oct. 10, paid tribute to Cory Monteith as Finn Hudson passed away. This touching episode titled “The Quarterback” sent many viewers to tears. A majority of the season one and two cast was brought back for the performance including Lea Michele who sang a song in memory of Cory.
     Interviews stated the many of the cast members only shot each take once because it captured their true feelings of Cory and that it was too hard to shoot the performances for a second time. All characters on the show were emotional and had an extremely hard time sending away their quarterback.
     The album of the songs performed on the show is now available on iTunes. The album is title “The Quarterback” plus each song and album purchased, Columbia records, Fox and the artist of the song will donate a profit to Project Limelight.
     Project Limelight is a free theater program for children with no experience necessary. “The Quarterback” also raised ratings as viewers who did not religiously watch Glee wanted to see how Finn Hudson’s send-off would take place.   
     However, the writers of Glee did not mention how Finn Hudson passed away, but did give a brief explanation of drug addiction and ways to get help after the episode ended. “The Quarterback” episode can be found on

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