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Tobacco And Alcohol Keep Killing; Nobody Seems To Notice Or Care

October 16, 2013 by admin

A Column
By Joe Malanaphy
     According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 443,000 people die every year in the United States as a result of using tobacco related products. An additional 80,000 people die every year as a result of excessive alcohol use or motor vehicle accidents resulting from drunk driving. This means that over half a million people die every year as a result of two substances that are deemed legal by the government and accepted by society; and everybody is OK with that?
     Well, I for one am not OK with that, because I don’t believe in profiteering at any cost, especially the cost of human life; call me old fashioned. I also don’t trust any single person or entity that would be in a position to profit off me, while I saw nothing in return. Actually the payout is quite contrary to any positive gain whatsoever.
     For years we’ve been brainwashed watching those who came before us partake in the alcohol and party lifestyle, so we followed suit. Like us, our ancestors were also brainwashed into believing that just because something is legal, it’s OK, and it’s safe.We continue to see a countless number of ads on TV that promote a carefree drunken lifestyle, with very few ads attacking them in opposition.
    While we no longer see ads for cigarettes in the mainstream media, Big Tobacco’s awful machinations kill more people every year than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. To me, what is far more terrifying is how many people are literally dying as I write this. Yet, we all stand by and accept the hypocrisy of it all. The hypocrisy and phony concern from our own government knows no bounds.
     We’ve been tricked into believing that alcohol and tobacco are a form of “freedom.” Everyone is entitled to personal opinion on this subject; however, personally, I don’t see how any product that kills over half a million people annually could or should ever be considered a right or freedom. If someone walks into a school and shoots 10 kids, the outcry for the banning of firearms from media, government, and citizens spreads like wildfire, but half a million people dying every year is OK, because it’s legal, and we are free, and it’s our right to drink and smoke and all that phony patriotic horse$#*!.
     Wake up. Freedom is not in a bottle, and it sure as hell isn’t in a chemically poisoned roll of paper. Freedom lies within the mind. The biggest fear to those who have bestowed these wonderful “freedoms” upon us is a nation filled with free thinkers who are rife with questions. It is in the best interest of the powers that be to keep the masses dumbed down, and what better way to do that than by allowing a product to be sold that not only contributes to the economy, but also fills hospital beds. $96 billion in healthcare expenditures is generated every year as a result of tobacco alone.
     According to facts reported by, Big Tobacco’s products kill 1,075 smokers every day. In 2010, the leading maker of menthol cigarettes bought over 50 URLs that no one else could use, including and Menthol Sounds legit, right? Not sketchy at all. I wonder, why would they go to such measures?
     Where is the public outcry every single day? Where are the candlelit vigils to commemorate those 1,075 people that die every day? I don’t see many politicians, if any, holding press conferences to ban these products, not like they do with guns, or even those big deadly extra large sugary drinks. The whole thing has, does, and will forever reek of hypocrisy, corruption, greed, and it makes me very uncomfortable as it should everyone.
     Just imagine for a second how much money all these fat cats would lose if cigarettes were outlawed or even alcohol for that matter (again.) And don’t give me the whole “it’s a freedom maaaaaaan!” and “it’s my right to get hammered and get lung cancer,” diatribe. We’ve been tricked. We aren’t free, but we are too far gone and sick to realize it.
     We are drunk, sick, and dumbed down with reality TV and blinded by wars in other countries to distract us from what is really happening to ourselves and America as a whole. OK, I’m rambling now, but we are just the way Big Money, Big Tobacco, and Big government want us to be, which is drunk, dumb, and complacent. The cash just keeps rolling in as another body rolls into the grave. Another whole class of rubes gets hooked by the second, and like the great George Carlin once said when speaking of our society’s outlook on what’s happening around them, “nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.”
     The CDC, which is a government-run agency and whose primary purpose is to “protect public health,” provides a multitude of facts and statistics stating how dangerous tobacco is, as well as the dangers of excessive abuse of alcohol, yet tobacco, laced with deadly poisonous chemicals (fact,) is still available everywhere we go. The only thing that comes to mind when I try to understand this notion is the old adage that refers to shaking someone’s hand while urinating on their leg.
     Now, to be clear, I’m not saying we need to ban anything at all. I don’t believe that we need to have a law set in place for everything, leaving the door open for turning people into criminals. I'm simply advocating common sense.
     What I am urging you to do is to take a look around, do your own research and in the end, if something doesn’t seem right, turn away from it, and hopefully with a collective effort of thinking and reasoning, we can move forward and turn the tables from dependency to a more productive way of living that will move us forward as a society.
     So, the next time we hand over our hard-earned money for either of these products, just think about who is really reaping the benefits, because it’s not us. And just because something is legal or deemed socially acceptable doesn’t necessarily indicate that it is safe.
     We as humans are capable of so much more. Maybe not myself, or those who came before, but rather all of the future generations of children who could let their mind grow completely healthy far into adulthood without being poisoned before reaching full potential.
     If we could unite as one human race in a simple battle of good versus evil, rather than battling each other over color or religious faith and launch an all out assault on corruption, hate, and greed, we could then really become free; free to think clearly and healthy in unity. There is no telling what magnificent creations or discoveries may lie ahead for an untainted race of human brains; I mean, look at what we have managed to accomplish already. However, this is only possible if we choose to reject what has held us down for millennia; greed and looking out for No.1. Until we meet again, stay dumb, America.

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