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Arbor Day Celebrated With Tree Raffle

May 10, 2013 by admin

By Seamus Hackett

    On Thursday, April 25, the Environmental Club put on a tree raffle for Arbor Day. The event took place during college hour while a barbecue was going on.  They had six different types of flowering trees including a Goldenrain tree that they were raffling off. Many students stopped by the table to see how you were able to join the raffle.  

    “Students earned the chance to participate by recycling cans or plastic bottles, composting, carrying reusable drink containers, and cleaning up the campus,” said club president Jake Makely, a 22-year-old, eighth-semester environmental science major from Long Branch. “We did this to celebrate Arbor Day and maybe let people know what it truly is about.”

     Some students were intrigued with this event.  “I was leaving the B-B-Q and and there was a tree raffle, all I had to do was put my can in the recycling and I have a chance for a free tree,” said Larry Garcia, a 20-year-old, fourth-semester culinary arts major from Belmar. “I want to win a tree, but I have no idea where to plant it.”  

    The event was a total success for the Environmental club.  “If this club does activities like this and is active like this then maybe I will join the club next year,” said Garcia.  

     The club received a lot of recycle goods as well as some compost, while many people with the reusable bottles could get multiple chances to put their name in the hat.

    “The tree raffling went really well. We all had fun and collected many cans, bottles and compost material,” said Dan Correa, a 19-year-old, second-semester environmental science major from Old Bridge. “We had many people come to the table to take part in the raffle, but one of the things that I really liked, was to see people coming to the table to just do the right thing and recycle their cans and plastic bottles. That really showed that people do care about recycling.”

    The students at Brookdale showed there could be a “Green” side to the campus and the advantages for planting trees for Arbor Day.  “When these trees mature, they’ll help clean the air, improve drainage, and provide food and nesting for local fauna,” said Makely.



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