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Brookdale Students Help Sea Bright Recover

May 10, 2013 by admin

By Lauren Cisneros

    The Sea Bright community suffered greatly from Hurricane Sandy. Water levels exceeded 5 feet in some areas, and houses were completely destroyed.

    On April 5, 13 Brookdale students got up early on Friday morning to help Sea Bright in any way they could.

    Frank Lawrence, the head volunteer coordinator in Sea Bright had students clear sand from gardening areas so the gardening club of Sea Bright could plant flowers in time for Memorial Day.

    “I wanted to volunteer to give back. I volunteered with MTV’s Spring Fix over spring break, and it left me wanting to volunteer more. Shoveling all this sand looks easy, but I assure you it takes a lot of work! Volunteering gives you a great sense of pride and community. Everyone should volunteer at some point,” said Kevin Modet, a 19-year-old, second-semester, journalism major, from Middletown.

    Brookdale students shoveled a great amount of sand near the municipal building in Sea Bright. About a foot of sand had to be removed from the gardenining area and moved to the already 20-foot pile of sand near the beach in the parking lot.

     Locals passing by cheered on Brookdale students as they cleaned up the sand in the gardening area.

    “This is a 3 to 5 year project. Some people think that Sea Bright is already cleaned up and will be ready for the summer season. When these people come into town and see that Sea Bright is still devistated, they are completely shocked. We plan to take the large sand piles in the parking lot and moving them back onto the beach to restore the beaches, and also to create new dunes,” Lawerence,  said.

    A great amount of work still needs to be done to completely recover from Superstorm Sandy. Houses are still vacant, and the damage done is still excessive.

    Volunteers are neeeded greatly in the Sea Bright area. Progress is steady, but still slow. Lawerence expressed that anyone can help, whether it be shoveling sand to planting flowers, it all boosts the community’s psyche.

     Brookdale students interested in volunteering on Friday’s can sign up for Brookdale’s Friday’s of Service at


     To volunteer in the Sea Bright area or along the shore specifically, visit

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