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Belly Dancing Featured at International Festival

April 19, 2013 by admin

By Seamus Hacket

   On Tuesday, April 9, in the SLC, students and faculty were treated to quite the show in the Navesink rooms for the International Festival.
   The crowd favorite which stole the show was a belly dance done by stunning Anna Sarkisova a 20-year-old, fourth-semester bio-med major from Uzbekistan, Russia. She did her dance then came back up at the end and did another dance. It got the attention of every man in the room when she was called back up on stage. Though the second dance was cut short due to technical difficulties that arose, and the show ended.
   “I have always been obsessed with belly dancing since I was a young girl watching Moroccan soaps in Russia,” said Sarkisova. “I have had a weird interest in the Middle East since then.” 
   The International Festival put on by the International Student Association was a hit. To a full room of students, members of the club put their abilities to the test at this short event, which lasted 40 minutes.
   “I walked in late and didn’t really know what was going on at first,” said Owen Daly, a 24-year old, third-semester communications major from Oakhurst
“But I liked the dances and the poems. The students who put this together did an overall good job.”“Our mission is to show the diversity of the world among students here at Brookdale,” said Steven Beach an 18-year-old, second-semester education major from Freehold. “We wanted to show the beauties of different cultures.” 
   Beach sang a poem, which has roots from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “Our club got together different cultures that attend Brookdale to bring forward different aspect that we as Americans should learn more about other cultures,” said Stephen Dobbins, a 20-year-old, fourth-semester theater major from Howell. Dobbins put on a fantastic performance of a monlogue from King Henry the VIII.
“Our club has been putting this event on annually for seven years and we aren’t going to stop tradition now,” said Keith 
Barnes a 20-year-old, sixthsemester international studies major from Brooklyn. Barnes who is the president of the club was very short and sweet with his words. “Yes, we did a good job with this event.” 
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