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Smart Phones: Here’s Where Size Matters

April 6, 2013 by admin

By Chris Ceglecki

  In the land of smartphones, everyone tends to agree that bigger is better; everybody except Apple.Larger phones dominated last year in sales, according to Fox News.

    Virtually every Android phone that will be released in 2013 will have a 5-inch display. Other software companies such as Samsung, Sony, Asus and LG all will follow with 5-inch screens.The iPhone 5, released late last year, debuted with a 4-inch display. That single inch is nearly 50 percent less screen space than other smartphones.

   According to Fox News, iPhone sales have been declining much faster than expected, and the company has struggled of late on Wall Street. Androids, Samsung Galaxies and the newest Blackberry have all outsold Apple’s No. 1 product.
   There are two huge possible reasons for why this trend may be occurring. “I have an android smartphone, and I like it the best because unlike the iPhone, you can add more storage yourself if you run out of phone space,” said Chris Ross, a 21-year-old, fourth semester criminal justice major from Howell.
   Also, the newest Samsung Galaxy is rumored to have the first improved Wi-Fi technology included in its smartphone. The latest Wi-Fi has the ability to run on a 5G network which will blow the iPhone’s 4G network out of the water.
   “I like the iPhone better because I actually prefer a smaller screen. If they make them any bigger I might as well just start carrying around a tablet,” said Brianna Marie, a 19-year-old, second-semester liberal arts major from Jackson.
   According to a study by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, most users prefer bigger phones because it gives them the luxury of a bigger screen that helps browsing the web and watching videos becomes less dull and more enjoyable.
   Today, the iPhone 5's screen is the smallest of all its competitors even though our smartphone internet needs have increased. However, CEO Tim Cook restated thecompany’s cautious approach explaining why the iPhone 5 has the perfect screen size.
   “The iPhone 5 offers a new Retina Display and is the most advanced display in the industry. It also provides a larger screen size without sacrificing the onehanded ease of use. We put a lot of thinking into screen size, and we believe we have picked the right one,” Cook said.
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