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An Option Worth Exploring

April 5, 2013 by admin

By Alison Graves

   Many people believe that art is simply an elective, but that’s not true. Brookdale offers many art degree programs.
   Additionally, sometimes what starts out as an elective can change a student’s mind on what his or her major is.
   In Brookdale’s Arts and Communications Division, a wide variety of courses pertain to visual arts, music, performing arts, literary, and communication media. Although some courses are requirements for specified degree programs, some are taken as electives.
   Beth Jacobs, for instance, a sophomore at Rider University, reflected on her experience being enrolled in a Winterim course at Brookdale.
   “[Literary Analysis] was great because the professor knew what she was talking about, and the topics we discussed were about really good stories that each had a certain meaning which many readers should take into account,” Jacobs said. “I’d like to be a literary arts professor because I would like to teach students about a subject I honestly like.”
   In the visual arts, Brookdale offers courses in art history, photography, studio arts, digital animation, and so on.
   “I really liked my color theory class, and I was really sad when it was over,’’ said fashion merchandising student Melanee Devorin. “I would take another one for fun, but by the end of this semester, I’ll already have my associate’s degree.”
   “I had taken three culinary courses, which were food preparation one and two, and dining room,” said Barbara Araujo, a culinary arts major. “I wouldn’t mind taking another one of these programs, which I will most likely do, because I need them for my major.”
   However, students do not have to seek out specified arts programs in order to take an art class.
   For students who need to choose an elective for more credits and want more information, it is recommended that they discuss their interests with their counselors.
    Another way to gather more information is by contacting a professor in the art field. But one fine arts professor, who wished to remain anonymous, gave this warning: “One thing I always  stress on, especially to new students, is that all art courses involve hard work and dedication,” she said. “The courses offered here at Brookdale are not like free credits. It’s understandable that most students want a course that doesn’t come with a lot of stress, but, like every other course, students must put forth some effort to earn the grade.”
   However, she did encourage dedicated students to explore the arts. “I think that courses, such as the studio art courses that I teach, can help students gain creative knowledge, eccentricity, and more analytical skills”
   “Most of the assignments I give involve getting students to think outside the box, which, I think many really enjoy.”
   To contact professors, either visit the Center for the Visual Arts department or go to the Brookdale website and send an e-mail.
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