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Board Discusses Renaming Buildings To Raise Funds

March 14, 2013 by admin

By John Sorce

   Tracey-Abbey White of Atlantic Highlands was sworn into the Board of Trustees on Feb. 21 during a regular meeting at which the naming rights to BCC buildings was disussed.
   While supporting the new policy, Brookdale Professor Jack Ryan commented on how buildings have been named in the past, stating that the names were “politically motivated.”
   The trustees also discussed the effects that Superstorm Sandy had on the Brookdale community and the surrounding areas. Disaster relief for Sandy was approved during the November Board of Trustees Meeting, and $144,000 was raised in total for Sandy relief through fundraisers and a large donation from the Robin Hood Fund. The college also helped 90 students who were impacted by the hurricane, and all of those students who were impacted are currently enrolled in spring classes.
   Students and faculty alike were praised for finishing the fall semester despite the fact that about two weeks of classes were canceled due to Sandy. Brookdale has the lowest dropout rate of all NJ county colleges during the fall semester, and the enrollment for the spring semester is stronger than Brookdale’s “sister schools,” despite the fact that Superstorm Sandy had a greater impact on Brookdale.
   The school radio station was a major source to get information to Brookdale students, employees and people in the area during Sandy, and the station’s ratings are near the highest it has been in a long time, BCC President MaureenMurphy said.
   Murphy discussed the success of the Brookdale men’s and women’s basketball teams. The men’s team finished the regular season with a 27-1 record and headed into the tournament as the number one seed. The women’s team entered the tournament as the number three seed after finishing the regular season 21-9.
   The ACCT Trustee Conference that took place in Washington, DC was another hot topic discussed. One trustee said that it was “very interesting to talk to trustees from across the country,” and he commented that he met “a man from Pennsylvania who knows someone in my family.”
   They talked about how Brookdale dealt with Sandy as community colleges from around the country try to figure out ways to overcome their own struggles. Ryan also later praised Brookdale journalism students for being at the meeting.
   “These students deserve a round of applause for being here tonight, and if you are a student, you should get involved with a club because you meet people that way,” he said.
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