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Money on My Mind

March 11, 2013 by admin


By Dalla Griffin

Do I write because its my right, or do I do it to win my fight for finical flight

Would walk down the dark tunnel of hard work simply to learn it lessons

or is it the golden dollar sign at the end that keep me motivated

do I seek education simply because I wish to be educated

would I even want it, if without it I could be financially marinated

I often wonder how deep in my mind money goes

How high my lust for money really grows


A wise man told me money is nothing but over publicized paper

Created by the created not the creator

Which means, that without it, the sun still shines the light still gleams

The world would still turn, if we just turned off the machines

A thought so farfetched that without much thought would get thrown to the left 


Now I'm not naïve,

In this reality the thought of having no money is not so easy to put into reality

Being that a man’s worth is based on that mans salary  

But what if we made the choice to change our way of life,

 Can we our minds?

I mean think about it, money is why we live divided

Why men of God turn to crime

Why some live forever and others suffer and die,

Why most cry to the sky asking why, 

Why I am forced to asked why

Why its easier to kill

  Easier to steal

Instead of helping your fellow man build


Wouldn’t it be beautiful, if the wealth of the world was based on good intentions?

If we truly strived for good

Truly striving to be God’s extensions

Instead striving for petty pensions

I wonder what God truly thinks of money,

 How he feels about his children letting their brothers and sisters go hungry

 Because of the lack of money,

 While others are money hungry


I know it kills me,

Sometimes feeling like I can’t fulfill me

Because there’s always somebody trying to bill me

Because of the lack of C notes (money), many wills turns

 To many won’t,

 Many don’t

Many cant

It’s the reason why

  We follow the many seeds the devil plants


Or at least God please revamp me

Free me, because Id truly be happy

 To see life’s true beauty 

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