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Always Be Wary When Choosing A Mate Online

February 26, 2013 by admin


By Daniel Natale
     Online dating has recently become one of the most popular forms of finding love because of the freedom it offers users to find ideal partners from around the world. By listing their personality traits, love-seekers could potentially find the “perfect” mate based on what their online profile says. However, with great power comes great potential for rape/homicides. TV shows like Catfish show that you never know who’s on the other end of the computer screen. How do you stay safe, and what are good reasons to date online?
     Sgt. Chris Morgan, of the Brookdale police department offered a few safedating tips even though he’s been off the dating scene due to marriage. 
     “Common sense should prevail,” said Morgan. “You don’t know who you’re talking to. Don’t give away personal information such as addresses, or phone numbers that can be tracked easily. Obviously make sure you meet in a public place, and don’t bring strangers to your house until you know the person well.” 
      As for online dating, Morgan says he has no clue what that’s all about. He basically says that if it works for you, then that’s just great.
      “I totally get the fake profile thing,” says Josh Harasty, a 21-year-old, fourth-semester, respiratory therapy major from Howell. “It’s easy to hide your true self. You can put whatever info you want to make yourself more appealing.”
       Harasty has a bit of expertise in the online dating world after meeting his “on and off ” girlfriend of five years on the massively multi-player-online-roleplaying-game(mmorpg), The World of Warcraft. 
     Based on Harasty’s account of his relationship, he ran a textbook mmorpg pick up on this girl. “It took me a year to ask for her number,” he said. “from there it progressed to talking every night, then to Skype, then to finally meeting in person.”
      Although a vast distance separates them—she lives in Utah—Harasty deeply values their relationship. “When I first met her, it was probably the best feeling I’ve felt in my life. It made up for all the grief we’ve felt along the way. Seeing her makes it all worth it.” 
     Harasty also understands how lucky he is to have not been duped. He says that his girlfriend was catfished on WOW. “Before she met me, she met someone she thought was a guy that turned out to be a lesbian,” said Harasty
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