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Struggling After Sandy? BCC Students Can Get Help

February 26, 2013 by admin


By Kyle Fulton
     Hurricane Sandy left an impact on the minds and hearts of New Jersey residents. College students struggling with the storm’s aftermath are dealing with balancing personal lives with academic careers, in addition to dealing with circumstances out of their control.
     Many have been set back and are still being impacted by being displaced, financial hardships, job loss, and more.
      Brookdale Community College, however, offers support to those students who may be in need.
     Jordan, who was a psychology major at Brookdale and also a father of two girls, lost his home in Point Pleasant Boro, stating that “we evacuated on October 28th, 2012 and haven’t been back since.” Well into Thanksgiving, Jordan and his family were still living in a motel and losing hope, “just wanting to go home.”
     Tanya Paschko ran the front desk of a motel in Seaside for three years and wrote on the BCC website, “I no longer have a job,’ after Hurricane Sandy hit. She is still experiencing difficulty such as her internet service going in and out.
     These are just two example of how Brookdale students have been directly affected by the storm. If others would like to share their photos and experiences regarding Hurricane Sandy, they are encouraged to email
     Acknowledging that some students have lost more personal items such as clothing and other property, Brookdale’s relief effort also provides assistance to those as well. 
     With the help of staff, alumni, and fundraisers, the existence of programs such as the Brookdale Foundation and Brookdale Rebuilds, food has been donated, clothes and finances have been donated and are available for students in need.
     By filling out a form available online on the Brookdale Community College website, students are instructed to list their name, address, contact information, and how they were directly impacted by the storm. Students are also encouraged to specifically identify the areas in which they will need assistance.
     For further assistance, 
Brookdale provides contact information for organizations such as the FEMA Assistance Line at 800-621-3362, Monmouth County Info Line at 732-303-2882, or JCP&L Outage Report Line at 888-544-4877.
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