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Healthy Ways To Beat College Stress

February 13, 2013 by admin

A Column

By Elicia Phillips
     “I need a cigarette!” was the desperate wail of a student stomping through the lobby as she left a class last week. 
     It was obvious that she upset as she punched a number in her cell phone and called someone complaining about how her professor was mean and she just needed to smoke as some form of release. Seeing this is what motivated me to write this article, and share with you, effective ways of dealing with stress while in college.
     It is simply an understatement to say that college is hard or difficult. In actuality, going to college is a career. As a student, you are responsible for attending classes, producing assignments and making a good impression on your peers, professor and future employers.
      I’m going to share with you some useful tips that will keep you on top of your studies. 
     It is very common when some people get stressed that they would eat. ‘The freshman 15’ is a very common phrase to describe the fifteen pounds that most freshman students gain  when they start their first semester of college. This weight gain is often attributed to stress. One student reported to the stall that she gained 17 pounds in her first semester. “I wasn’t eating the cafeteria food which is usually fattening, but I was eating a lot of junk while I did my assignments like Pringles and Cheetos.” However these bad practices can be substituted for healthier practices.
     Exercise is one of the healthiest ways of dealing with stress. According to the “World’s Toughest Trainer,” Jillian Michaels, you can go one-on-one with the treadmill in the gym and leave all of your stress on the gym floor. Try it! What do you have to loose other than calories?
     A good workout after a stressful class or even exam will be therapeutic to your body. 
     If you are strapped for cash and your trying to save a few dollars there is a solution for that. Once you’re a student at Brookdale, you can use your student ID to gain free access to the gym on campus. So don’t hesitate, just do it!
     Another way to deal with stress is to write. For those of you who possess a green thumb in writing, an effective way of getting rid of any form of stress is to leave it on paper. After you have written it all on paper, you may find that reading your own words aloud to yourself maybe quite humorous. 
     This way of addressing stress can also improve your writing skills. One of my instructors said that when she was younger, she always fought with her brother. Whenever they approached their mother with a situation, they were told to write each other’s side of the argument on paper. Surprisingly enough, their mother held on to those letters and years after gave them back to them. At present my instructor teaches English. Who knows? Perhaps this writing exercise contributed to her passion in teaching students how to write. Who knows where it will take you!
     All work and no play, have you ever heard that phrase? What does it mean for you? College will prove to be cumbersome especially for full-time students and for students who work as well. There is nothing healthy about being buried in assignments and still having to work to pay your bills without taking a break.
     Try to set one day aside where you do something for yourself such as going to the movies, spending time with families and friends or doing something you always wanted to do. Taking this temporary break will refresh your mind. It makes you feel better and enables you to more effectively handle the challenges of life. So remember these tips as you navigate through yet another semester. 
Good Luck!
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