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‘Architects’ Building Momentum With Local Audience

February 13, 2013 by admin

By Jenna Murphy

     Alex Costantino, second-year Brookdale Community College architecture major, is about to embark on the ride of his life.  
     Costantino, along with his band, The Architects That Built Mars, are to begin recording their first full-length album in Spring 2013. Elements of the album, as described by Costantino, are said to be best explained by one word: madness. One may liken their sound to a mesh of The Chariot and Vampire Weekend.
     The Architects That Built Mars, or TATBM, is comprised of four long-time best friends. Costantino expressed his feelings about the recording process and the many benefits of working with those closest to you.
     “Working on something that you and your best friends put so much into... it's incredible.  As each piece is recorded, it's like, 'OK, that sounds great!' but when all of the pieces finally come together, it's great.  Seeing the final product put together is the best feeling,” said the 20-year-old.
     Costantino developed a deep passion for music while in elementary school. As he progressed, he began learning and playing bass and guitar.  
     Today, he practices consistently and is sure to continue to hone his skills.
     Guitarist Costantino is accompanied by his closest comrades Thomas Louis (vocals and bass), Grayson Matera (guitar), and IanAnderson (drums).
     The quartet's most recent recordings can be found on the band's official site,    
     However, one may wonder what fans can expect from the upcoming album.
     “Fans can expect a lot of fuzzy, old-style, sixtiesinspired guitar mixed with heavy, rhythmic, new-age drums, and smooth bass.Alex always nails the guitar.  The reason I like being in  this band is because it's an unexplainable mesh of sounds and we each play an important role,” said drummer, Ian Anderson.
     The constant, that all members insist upon is thelyrics. Vocalist and bassist Thomas Louis is responsible for writing such tunes that cause each band member to admit a similar sentiment:
     “Thomas is really a great lyricist,” said Costantino. “If one of us has an idea, or a line we came up with, he'll take it and run with it.  He comes up with some really awesome stuff and none of us know how he does it.  It's great, because I'll sit with him and as he shows me what he has, I'll come up with the instrumental parts.  We're a good team and we work one on one a lot.”
     While the writing process may come easily to the young men, there is one immensely different aspect affecting the band’s progress: distance.
     Currently, Matera resides in Brooklyn but attends Hampshire College in Massachusetts, thus leaving the band no choice but to commute in order to record guitar. Anderson, presently living in Maine, offers noother solution than to make the trip to track drums.
     Jersey-natives, born and raised, Costantino and Louis can complete the album out of their homestudio stationed in Asbury Park.
     Besides being engulfed in his musical creations, Costantino is also a fulltime student. He is looking forward to graduating from Brookdale in Spring 2013 and hopes to apply to Rutgers University within the near future in order to obtain his bachelor degree.    
     The hard-worker is currently employed at Clancy's Tavern in Neptune City, monopolizing any free time he may have. Costantino is eager to practice his time management skills when life kicks into full gear.Between his duties, responsibilities, and passions, he hopes some relaxation time will make its way into his schedule.
     Those interested in the new album, titled “Weird Woods”, can anticipate its release in July 2013.  Fans can also await an East Coast tour in the upcoming Fall and Winter months (2013).
     The Architects That Built Mars can be found and communicated with via Twitter (@TATBMBAND) and their blog,  Upon its release, “Weird Woods” will be available for free streaming off of their official site (
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