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This Season: Observe And Make A Difference

January 3, 2013 by admin

A Column

By Joe Malanaphy

     I think that if you want to be a writer, it means never holding anything back. It means being true to yourself and to your reader. It means constantly doing everything in your power to be a voice for those who cannot speak. A light, or beacon of hope for truth and liberty, always keeping alive the gritty fighting spirit that this great country was built on.
     There is so much wrong with the world today, so much violence, poverty, division and pain. Yet so many just sit still--complacent, complacent with being led by governments and banks with too much power, who do not have our best interests at heart.   
     Our lives are being used as leverage at the mercy of rich and powerful men who sold their souls long ago.
     If you step back once in a while and really take a good look around, open your eyes and ears, close your mouth, and just observe, you will see the hollowness of humanity.
     I observe the repugnant, selfish behavior of men and women on a daily basis. Be it around me or on the news--I can actually close my eyes, and through the intense ringing in my ears. I can feel a slow numbing in my brain, bringing the world around me to a stand-still--a brief moment of quiet in the midst of a constant chaos, almost as if life has been put on pause, and I see that there is much to be done.
     During this holiday season, we celebrate many things, but usually lose sight of what really matters. Be thankful for the blessing and gift that is life, a gift that is not a guarantee tomorrow. Be good to someone. Make someone smile. Learn to see through the twisted teachings of a selfish society that has long since gone off the rails, while  questioning everything that you hear and read.
     Keep a spirit of freedom and kindness alive in your heart every day. Fight for something or someone at every chance you get. If you can do that through writing, art, music, charity, or whatever vehicle you choose to convey a positive message, and if it is genuine, and it is pure, then you can change the world by touching even one person’s heart.

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