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Gina Yashere Closes Out Laugh At Lunch For Semester

January 3, 2013 by admin

By Denielle Balint

      “Did you know there were black people in England!?” asked Gina Yashere, to a shy quiet member of the audience. He was singled out because he was sitting alone, making him an easier target.
     Yashere came to Brookdale on Tuesday, Dec. 11, filling the Navesink room with laughs during the college hour.
     "She was hilarious!” said Johnny Costa, a second-year student studying music. “I couldn't stop laughing the whole time and it was cool she interacted with the audience most of the time," said Costa.
     Yashere had the audience on their toes for her entire set as she engaged each new student who walked in late.  
     They were instantly put on the spot, and it was easy to see that they were frightened, making her comedic jabs that much more funny.
     She also spoke in length about how Americans act and live.
     She explains how there are so many food commercials on that its obvious we have an obesity issue. Yashere went on talking about a Subway commercial and laughed while saying   "This is the only country I know that talks about food in feet."
     The best part about her act is knowing that most of the humor was true, and funny to hear from someone who came from another country.
     Unfortunately this is the last Laugh at Lunch until the spring semester, but they are never a disappointment.
     Good food and laughs are always something nice to have in-between classes. The L.A.L. schedules are always posted on the white board in front of the front desk in the SLC building.

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