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ABC Host John Quinones Speaks At Brookdale

September 29, 2012 by admin

By Denielle Balint

     John Quinones, a well-known award winning journalist will be coming to Brookdale on Sept. 27. He will be presenting his lecture on a series of reports called “What Would You Do.”
This presentation “What Would You Do” is a very interesting topic. It is reports that test the average person. What Quinones does is he sets up situations with hidden cameras and actors to see how bystanders will react.

     This is a test of human nature, to see if people react or avoid these situations. Some of the scenes set up include abuse, interracial couples, gay and lesbian challenges, etc.
Quinones is a seven-time Emmy award winner who has really done a lot of interesting reports throughout his career. He has worked for ABC about 25 year and is on ABC’s “Primetime.”
This lecture could be something enjoyable to students of all majors. To students with a valid ID the lecture is for free and $5 for anyone else interested. It will be held in Collins Arena at 7 p.m.  

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