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Man Arrested At Brookdale After Suspicion Of Weapons

May 3, 2012 by admin

By Joe Malanaphy
      A male suspect is in custody after being arrested Thursday afternoon at Brookdale Community College. Campus police received a call that "someone was painting weapons" outside of the Brookdale Administration Center, located on the Lincroft campus.
     "We got a call from an employee that someone was painting weapons out on the table outside of the BAC, and our officers responded. We got the second call while we were responding, we showed up on the scene and there was what looked like a sawed-off shotgun on the picnic table. The individual was in the area, he was not at the table, but he was 15 to 20 feet from the table, and he was taken into custody," said Chief William Sanford of the Brookdale Police Department.
     "We also, after checking the area, found what looks like a replica of a .45, I'm not sure whether it shoots any kind of BB's or projectiles, and that's basically where we are right now. He's been arrested. It's against the law to have any type of weapons, whether it's a replica or not on a college campus without the authorization of the college, so that's probably what he's going to be charged with," said Sanford.
     Brookdale police conducted a search of the man's vehicle, and found multiple martial-arts type weapons, including a sword. The suspect's identity was not released at the time of the arrest, and it's unknown whether or not the man is a student at the college.
     "I want to make sure we've got everything in order before we release a name," said Sanford.
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