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Roadway Connecting Lots 1 And 7 Possible

April 24, 2012 by admin

By Jess Machlovitz

      The Board of Trustees has approved spending $313,000 to explore whether a road should be constructed connecting parking lots 1 and 7.
     The plans calls for creating a loop through all of the parking lots and possibly providing additional parking spaces.  
     To connect these lots the school would have to remove the railroad tracks that separate the two lots.    
   As of now the board of trustees has this project cleared and approved, but now the school is awaiting the approval of the funding by the Council of County Colleges.   The school would be borrowing money through bonds.  
     “If the school added more parking, it would definitely reduce the lateness or the stressing for most students.  I know I only live about 15 minutes away from the school, but I have to leave about 20 minutes early just to find a parking spot,” said Maria Cohen, 22,  a political science student from Shrewsbury.  
     “It’s not an ideal stop to be parking because of the walk, but it would definitely help out the traffic that happens in the parking lot,” said nursing student Helaine Harris, 24, from Freehold.  
     According to architecture professor, Edward O’Neill, “The road plan is a very preliminary study at this point. To my knowledge there is no time line to the study.”  
     So, the school as of now has no exact plans on what is going to be going on and what will be happening.  
   The school should find out about the funding by the end of this semester.  

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