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‘Students And Other Young People Are Taking Action In The KONY 2012 Movement’

April 10, 2012 by admin

By Ruby Goldberg

     KONY 2012. It’s a name that is steadily becoming the trend of social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as the news and media. Teens are becoming involved in the movement of their generation.
     “It was crazy, one day I went on Facebook, and my entire newsfeed was full of statuses about Kony. I figured it must be something important, so I decided to investigate and watch the video. All I can say is wow. The fact that something like this is going on in the world today makes me sick. Something has to be done,” said Samantha Taylor, a 20-year-old education major from Jackson.
     Students and other young people are taking action in the KONY 2012 movement. The force to stop Joseph Kony, who is an evil war dictator in the African country of Uganda, is gaining more steam by the day. Millions and millions of people across the nation are viewing Kony 2012, a film created by Invisible Children, Inc. This viral video sheds light on a previously unknown issue and is aimed at having Kony arrested and prosecuted.       
     The film itself is a brutally honest depiction of the crimes committed by Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA is a guerilla war group that abducts children in accordance to Kony’s command. Many of these children are forced into a life of sex slavery and some are trained to be soldiers.
     The video highlights a young Ugandan boy named Jacob. Jacob’s brother had been murdered by the LRA, right in front of him. Unfortunately, tales such as this are all too common in Uganda, with many children left either orphaned of missing a family member.
     Viewers have not only been receptive to this video but are eager to spread the message. The foundation believes that the more people who are aware of the situation, the sooner Kony will be brought to justice.  
     Celebrities are very influential in today’s society and have much power over the way things are perceived and inspiring others to take action. This is the precise reason why the KONY 2012 movement called upon celebrities to take a public stance. Angelina Jolie and George Clooney are among these select stars, along with Justin Bieber and a few others. All three have used public forums to show their support for the movement.
     The Invisible Children foundation offers items such as posters, wristbands, and -shirts on their website that are available for purchase. On April 20, KONY 2012 supporters are asked to put up posters in their towns in order to show their allegiance to the movement. Rallies and demonstrations are also being planned for this day.
     “I already got my shirt and signed the petition on the website. I ordered a bunch of posters and I’m going to cover all of Howell with them if it’s the last thing I do,” said Maria Valencia, a 19-year-old marketing student from Howell.
     For more information or to get involved in the KONY 2012 movement, visit

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