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Get The Total First Year Brookdale Experience

September 7, 2010 by admin

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By Brian HarrisThe jump from high school to college can be a daunting task.  From the elevated workload and expectations to no longer having the protective cocoon-like feeling that high school provides, students can feel like the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under them.   The people at Brookdale can see how the transition can be harrowing and have come up with an initiative known as the First Year Experience (FYE) program. The program is designed to help students not only stay in college, but succeed as well. Aimed at helping students adjust to their new status as BCC students, the program supports students’ learning and development in three ways.
   The first way FYE helps students is by encouraging them to make connections with other students, faculty and Brookdale as a whole.  This will help first-year students feel both welcomed and important at BCC.   Another aspect of the FYE program is to acknowledge the transition from high school to college and offer support.  By recognizing the challenges that come with trying to figure out one’s life path, the FYE program will help students plot their future by getting them to develop a sense of identity with people on campus who share the same interests.   The FYE program strives to empower students, so they become more confidant and responsible students. One of the many ways that the FYE program tries to accomplish this is by holding Students Success Nights at all of the BCC campuses as a way to welcome students to the new semester.
   Also, the FYE program gives students a chance to adjust to college by offering a HUDV class. In this class, students will learn to identify and distinguish between high school and college expectations from both the student’s and the college’s perspective. Learning this will help students develop and plan goals for their education, future transfer to a four-year school and their career.   One way the FYE program plans to help students acclimate to college life is through a series of events called FYE Passport Events.  At Freshman Orientation, attending students received a passport, which they can get stamped at specific types of events on campus that fall under the following categories: Social, Academic, Career, College Skills, Service and Citizenship and Advisement/Counseling.
   When students  go to the FYE program’s webpage, which is , they can click on the tab for student information and then scroll to the bottom of the page, where there are detailed calendars that list the different events, which are color-coded, for the students to find the specific events  that they need to attend in order to fill out their passport.
       Once students have completed their passport, they can drop off their completed passport in bins located at the following places: Counseling and Advisement on the second floor of the CAR building, Recruitment Services on the first floor of the CAR building, the information desk of the Bankier Library, the Student Life and Activities desk in the SLC, Career Services in the first floor of the MAC building and all Student Success Centers, Higher Education Centers and Branch Campuses.
   Once the program is complete, a drawing for a iPad will be held.

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