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Brookdale Community College Is Offering Student Internships Through BTV

March 20, 2012 by admin

By Jessica Machlovitz

     Want real-life experience in a TV studio?  Well, now is your chance; Brookdale Community College is offering students an internship through BTV.  
Students will work on all television production skills from pre-production concept organization and setups, production in studio, camera and control room and field location shoot tasks.  Post-production tasks will include editing via Final Cut Pro and Avid software.
     The internship can earn student 1-6 credits depending on a student’s major and how many hours they work.  These credits are transferable to the majority of 4-year schools.  Students pay tuition just as any other course.  This is not just a “freebie” course; it is monitored by faculty and career services representative.  Students must fulfill all course requirements in order to be graded by faculty, students will also be evaluated by employees.  
     “I have seen flyers around campus about this internship, but never actually looked into it, but it sounds very interesting especially since I am looking to do production for TV. I should look into it now,” said media studies student Ronnie Cohen, 20, from Freehold.  
     To participate in the internship, students’ need to be eligible to be accepted.  Students should be matriculated, have completed a number of courses in their major that is required by the department, and have the approval of an instructor and career service representative.        
     When asked why students should participate, Cheryl Cummings, executive director of The Brookdale Network said, “Students should participate because it makes them three times more successful in finding employment in their field of study after graduation, gain opportunities to apply skills and theories learned in the classroom, help finance your education, increase confidence and improve academic performance, and the most important it will build your resume.”   
     The hours worked by students will be determined by the credits they decide to take. The work week could range from five hours per week for one credit, to 15 hours per week for three credits over a 15-week semester. There are exceptions to this under special circumstances, so check with your career services representative about this.
     This is an unpaid internship like most, but it will “pay” students in experience and the opportunity to learn their field in a controlled and helpful environment before they go into the “real world.”  
     For more information, please contact the BTV office at 732-224-2792 or visit MAC 105.  Other useful internship websites are; and Also NACE's Research on Internships and Internship Could Be Step to First Job.

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