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83rd Annual Academy Awards Are A Must See By Kim Viola

February 20, 2011 by Brian Harris

The nominations are in
for the 83rd annual Oscar
award ceremony. With 46
movies nominated for
awards from best picture
to visual effects and
makeup, the list of
nominees is packed with
the best films of the year.
The most nominated
movie is “The Kings
Speech,” with 12 different
nominations, including
best picture, costume
design and writing.
Other highly nominated
movies are, “Inception”
with eight nominations,
“The Social Network” with
eight nominations, “The
Fighter” with seven
nominations, and “Toy
Story 3” and “Black
Swan,” both movies with
five nominations each.
“Toy Story 3 was the best
movie ever. I cried, a lot!
I’m happy it’s up for
nominations like best
picture,” said Gina Viola,
an 18-year-old, secondsemester
major from Manalapan.
Along with best picture,
“Toy Story 3” is also
nominated for animated
feature film, music
(original song), sound
editing and writing.
“I really didn’t understand
“Black Swan” at all. It was
really creepy. I don’t know
I just didn’t get it,” said
Nate Spare, a 19-year-old,
f o u r t h - s e m e s t e r
humanities major from
“Black Swan” is up for
best actress in a leading
role, cinematography,
directing, film editing and
best picture.
“I loved “Social Network.”
It was really cool how they
showed how and why
Facebook was made
since I use Facebook a
lot,” said Jennifer
Harrison, a 19-year-old,
f o u r t h - s e m e s t e r
psychology major from
Old Bridge.
“Social Network” is up for
best actor in leading role,
cinematography, directing,
film editing, music
(original score), best
picture, sound mixing and
writing (adapted screen
The Oscars are on Feb.
27 on ABC. The red
carpet is at 6:30 p.m. and
the awards begin at 8.

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