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New SLB President And Vice-President Picked

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Brian Harris
Elections were held on Dec 6. to choose a new president and vice-president of the SLB since the current president, Alec Moran, and vice-president Sasha Basista are moving on. Running for the position of vice-president were Chris Cummings, Larry DePalma and Raven Halliwell while the people going for the SLB presidency were Mike Petschenik, Liane Librizzi and current SLB treasurer Armen Sahakian. In their speeches, all of the candidates spoke about plans and ideas for both the SLB and Brookdale as a whole.
After all of the candidate’s speeches were made, a vote was cast, and the SLB elected Sahakian as their new president and DePalma as the SLB’s new vice-president. Both DePalma and Sahakian were happy that their peers felt them worthy enough of such high positions on Brookdale ‘s student government and programming board.
When asked about his goals as the new SLB vice-president, DePalma said that he plans “on looking at more ways to help students get involved in all of the clubs, activities and programs that Brookdale has to offer.”
DePalma also said that he is looking “forward to seeing a lot more participation among students, faculty and community in the upcoming semester.”
New SLB president Sahakian, when asked the same question, said that he “hopes to continue the progress that the Student Life Board is making as a bigger and better place here at Brookdale.”
With the election of Sahakian, the current treasurer, to the position of president, there was an opening for the treasurer position. The SLB members who ran for the position were Dave Zohn, Avi Barugel and Marco Castillo, and Castillo was voted into Sahakian’s old position.

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