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String Quartet Performs ‘Live At Lunch’

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Allison McKenzie The Navisink III room was alive with the sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alexander Borodin, Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Pachelbel as the Intermezzo String Quartet played for a small group of spectators. The scene resembled the scenes of “Phantom of the Opera” where elegance was present in everything, even the tables and chairs. As the musicians began to play, the listeners were immediately allured into a world where the music was bursting with emotions of sadness, happiness and hopefulness. While a piece called “The Air” was playing, Stephanie Sullivan, a psychology major from Howell, said that she imagined a dance where the dancers fluttered like birds. “It was as if the sound was floating, like a cloud,” Sullivan said. The quartet also played contemporary music. At the conclusion of the show, they played Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” Upon hearing this, Natalie DeSabato, a computer science major from Colts Neck said, “I was surprised to hear them playing a contemporary song because they were playing the great composers. But it just shows the type of influence that Bach and Mozart still have on music today,” DeSabto said. Besides playing at Brookdale, the group has also played at the Count Basie Theatre, local schools and the Middletown Library. The quartet was formed in the Princeton Music Connection and its members are from New York and Philadelphia. The Intermezzo String Quartet consists of Garry Ianco, the Violin I player who graduated from Rutgers and NYU. Ianco’s musical tastes are mostly jazz and classical music, but he also enjoys listening to “everything.” Lawrence Major, a graduate of Temple University, was the Violin II player. Other than playing the violin, he also plays the piano and enjoys listening to everything from hip-hop to gospel. The third member of the quartet, Joel Rudin was the viola player. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and Julliard School of Music, he enjoys playing flamenco music. The last member of the group, David Inoles is a graduate of Penn State University and Indiana University. Inoles had the opportunity to study with Janos Starker, one of the most celebrated cellists of all time. As a celloist, David described himself as, “close-minded.” Yet, one of the group’s greatest achievements was the ability to evoke emotion from the audience. Inoles said, “Really what’s important to musicians is to find out we touched the audience by connecting with them.” As the Intermezzo String Quartet concluded their concert, the audience applauded them with a standing ovation.

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