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Professor ‘Spike’ Fowler Talks About Recently Published Book

December 14, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Jordan Edmond
“I have dreamt about writing this book for two decades,” says Michael “Spike” Fowler a professor of marketing and economics at Brookdale on his recently published book “Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore: A Story of Ocean Rescue in New Jersey.”
A professor here at Brookdale for 42 years Fowler continued, “(I) started at it actually 11 years ago.
I’ve been just picking at it, but three or four years ago I felt like going at it full speed.
After finding a publisher the idea began to manifest but also became much more stressful, “The deadlines where brutal.”
With photos dating as far back as the 1820’s “Lifeguards of the Jersey Shore” gives a vivid insider view of the development in techniques and equipment used in lifeguarding.
The book also gives a historical explanation of why and how the changes came about.
Being a co-author with Bernard A. Olsen and Edward Olsen, Fowler explained that his role was to “coordinate the stories and research, to assemble photos, captions and basically organizing everything and input it all into the computer.”
With “close to two years of production” the final product is finished, Fowler says, “I am thrilled! I am so very, very pleased to see my project in fruition.
“I am very pleased with the production value, and layout and design.”
Although thrilled, Fowler said, “one thing I’m disappointed in are the royalties…I earn I believe 10 cents per copy.”
“Still,” Fowler resolved, “this was more so a fulfillment of a goal and a mission.
“I’ve been a part of thousands of rescues and lifeguarding is very near and dear to my heart.”

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