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Counsel Corner: It Is Finally Time To Get Ready For Finals

December 1, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Raven Halliwell
It is that time again folks; time to stock up on smokes, coffee and Red Bull.
The time for finals and last-minute makeups is once again upon us.
Instead of all-nighters to get those last few assignments in before it is too late to get credit or studying until your brain explodes in your head, try taking these pointers.
First of all, be aware of the facilities available on campus. There are learning assistants, who are basically free tutors. Even smart people use them for that little extra something special.
Also, there are study halls all over and an array of resources, including the Bankier Library or even other professors. There is always someone to help you.
Secondly, some people learn better by actually teaching that which they have learned to someone else. So make a study group and volunteer to reteach the subject matter.
Besides, maybe you don’t know something but someone else does.
And the last thing you can do to help study or even just up your GPA is our ace in the hole; Extra Credit.
It may be stupid and it may be annoying but the end justifies the means.
Take the extra few minutes to complete even just one assignment even though I highly suggest doing all that is available. This can be the difference between an A and an A+ or a B and an A.
Good luck everyone on your finals.
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