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‘Due’ Go Out And See This Movie

December 1, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Mary Brienza
“Due Date” was very funny and surprised me with a few touching moments.
I thought that Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis had great chemistry as mismatched travel companions forced to drive from Atlanta to Los Angeles.
Downey is Peter Highman, an architect who must make it from Atlanta to L.A to be there as his wife gives birth to their first child, after being kicked off a plane and placed on a no-fly list.
Galifianakis played Ethan Trembly, who with his French Bulldog, Sunny, is an aspiring actor obsessed with Two and a Half Men,who is in Atlanta for his father’s funeral, is also placed on the no- fly list and is responsible for Peter being placed on the no-fly list.
After a few incidents at the airport, they are forced to drive from Atlanta to L.A., with Ethan’s father’s ashes in tow, and have various adventures on the way.
Some included detours to a marijuana dealer, a car accident, being forced to sleep in the same car and almost ending up in Mexico.
The movie was hysterical with a lot of humor from the mismatched duo and the various situations they were put into.
There was Peter getting beat up by a disabled Western Union employee, the two getting high and almost ending up in Mexico, and a memorable scene involving bedtime rituals and Sunny.
There was two moments in the film where I felt my eyes tear up, both involving Ethan’s father.
Due Date is a funny escapist movie with a lot of visual humor. ****

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