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A Very Rauchy But Funny Laugh At Laugh

December 1, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Laura Hall
I had the pleasure to be entertained by and meet a great comedian in the Navesink Room of The Student Life Center.
His name is KT Tatara, who has been featured on Comedy Central and recently landed a spot on the primetime show “How I Met Your Mother.”
As KT took the stage and made his first wise crack about the Brookdale cheerleader sitting in the front row, I knew it was going to be a hilariously funny but raunchy show.
He asked the audience if it was “No Underwear November.” He then proceeded to talk about how girls want to know why guys don’t love them for their brains and character.
“Doesn’t my brain and my character count for something?” His reply: “NO! I can’t F*** your integrity!”
Next, he told the audience about his half white-half Japanese heritage and about the stereotype the Asians face when it comes to a certain body part’s size, although he did remind the ladies that he was after all, ALSO half white He compared himself to black guys and said that when he dates a girl who used to date a black guy he feels that the girl has now lowered her standards.
The audience was a mix of ethnicities and really seemed to enjoy his play on racial differences. He talked about Halloween and how next year he is going to go as “Lil Wang” as opposed to Lil Wayne and that got the crowd going, but I think his biggest laughs came when he asked a girl to come up on stage to be serenaded by him with a love song he wrote to show his admiration and respect for women.
The song started out slow and romantic and then the tone changed a bit. I really can’t say any more about the song or its lyrics but it was titled “Butt Sex Song.”
Some of the less obscene things he talked about were how when he was shopping for a wedding card at Target, a lady bent over in front of him and farted in his face. He was so traumatized by the incident that he ended up buying the wrong type of card!
He talked about how his friend Tony complained so much about his roommate Rob that by the time KT met Rob, he also hated his guts, but the thing that I found funniest in his set was the differences between men and women and what women find “fun.”
“Lets make guacamole, that’s fun, lets make a photo album, that’s fun, lets put on makeup and do each others hair and listen to 80’s music, that’s fun…Awww, little mini shoes, how cute, their so fun!”
Watching KT try to figure out why women find this stuff” fun” had me rolling. I especially liked when he talked about how he is a fairly short guy and how women always want a tall man.
KT’s response to that was “we are not living in the prehistoric times picking bananas off trees anymore, why do you need a tall man? Get a damn step stool for three dollars, I’ll buy it!”
When talking about how women these days are so I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (he spelled it out slowly) he talked about how he refused to buy a girl a meal on a first date, and how she said “that’s not right, I’m old fashioned” he told her “Put on an apron then, I’ll pay for the meal when you make it!”
I met KT after the show and he was great. He told me he used his full “late night” material today because we are all adults here.

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