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Brookdale Students Think About Ink

November 10, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Tom Martino
On Nov 2 2010, in Navesink III of the Student Life Center, there was an event called The Art & History of Tattooing.
The speaker was Patrick James Dean, a tattoo artist that runs a shop, Tattooville, in Neptune, NJ.
You could feel the aura in the room as he explained the history of how tattoos were put onto people’s bodies in the past as well as the current tattooing technique used today.
Dean showed the audience several slides of various tattoos he had done to some customers as well as slides of tattoos from different cultures and the various art that shows off their culture.
For instance, Dean had shown pictures of full body tattoos that are normally associated with Asian culture, more specifically the Japanese Yakuza, which usually depict a deeper meaning involved.
Dean had also several different tattooing tools with him that he showed to the large audience that gathered.
Some of the tools come from other cultures , where they use different tools and methods to apply the permanent ink.
Several of these ways included hand tapping, rubbing ink and the most prevalent se today, the electric tattoo machine.
Dean also explained how he learned how to tattoo as he was attending Brookdale, studying graphic arts.
The event was exhilarating as it was interesting to learn how tattoos came to be and how they were depicted in different cultures throughout history.

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