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Phi Theta Kappa’s Day At The Beach

November 10, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Liane Librizzi
It was a brisk, sunny morning when the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) chapter of Brookdale Community College’s Alpha Pi Theta headed to the beaches of Ocean Grove; yet, on Oct 23, they marched on the sands not with sun block and beach blankets, but with plastic bags and rubber gloves.
“All in all, I believe that the beach sweep was a great success,” PTK Vice President of Finance, Mike Geraci said. “Not only did we make a New Jersey beach a more beautiful place, but we bonded greatly while doing it.”
Close to 50 volunteers spent the day picking up pieces of plastic, trash, and loose articles on the beach. Some found things during their clean up that they’d never expected. Geraci was one of them.
“I was cleaning up around some wooden storage containers and saw that there was trash near one of them,” Geraci said. “I decided to further investigate and as I opened the door I noticed a large mass of blankets moving.”
In his attempt to clean up the public beaches, Geraci had stumbled upon the apparent makeshift bed of a homeless man. Within that box, Geraci and the other members of PTK had not only confronted a homeless stranger, but had also come to terms of the reality of need in the community.
Yet, Geraci wasn’t the only volunteer to lend a hand; the Brookdale PTK members were joined by members of the Alpha Theta Theta chapter from Essex Community College and the Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter from Raritan Valley Community College.
One of BCC’s fastest growing organizations, Circle K, also joined in on serving the community.
“I was happy to see a bunch of other groups come together as one big group,” PTK Vice President of Leadership and Circle K President Danielle Sammut of Middletown said.
She further anticipates future activities where other BCC clubs can use their talents and resources to collaborate on future service projects. “It’s like power in numbers,” she said, looking eagerly at the potential that collaborative club work might have on campus and the surrounding community.
For more information about the PTK chapter on campus or the honor society in general, visit or go to
If you’re interested in being more active particularly in volunteering on campus, Circle K meets every Thursday at 12 noon in MAN 100.

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