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Social Art Renaissance At Brookdale

November 10, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Max Westpy
Students who enjoy hanging out, blasting music, watching movies, making art, and just having a good time may be interested in the Art Society on campus.
The Art Society, which was reorganized last spring semester, gives students the opportunity to be creative and open in a friendly environment.
“It’s a great experience for students to explore themselves and share creative thoughts with their peers,” said Dustin Burkett, a 21-year-old, third-semester fine arts major from Old Bridge, of the club.
Though most students in the club are involved in majors that deal with art or media, all students are welcome to find something about themselves they might not have known through joining the Art Society.
One member of the Art Society uses mathematics to make his art.
“I haven’t done my first project yet, but I want to incorporate geometry and fractals into my art,” said Mike Reigle, a 23-year-old, sixth-semester mathematics major from Hazlet. Reigle went on to say that before he joined the Art Society, he would simply go to class and go home.
Now he spends a lot of days that he really enjoys on campus.
Students who join the Art Society have the chance to participate in designing the club’s first major project, the SELF: Exhibit.
SELF will be made up of self-portraits of every member of the club, made from any type of media.
The portraits require physical likeness and to describe who the artist is implicitly.
“Once everyone finishes their portraits, we’re going to come together and build an 8 foot x 8 foot cube frame that will act as a gallery and house all the pieces,” said club president Cassie Meyers, a 21-year-old, fourth-semester liberal arts major from Keansburg.
The goal of the exhibit is for the members participating to describe themselves through their art. The location of where the exhibit will be placed is still pending.
Aside from this project, The Art Society has most recently made a mural at the Monmouth Museum’s children’s wing.
The mural, which is made of all types of recyclable material, is a tree that represents the changing of seasons and the weather that each new one entails.
The Art Society is also responsible for the red structure, which is entitled Indecision Departure, outside of the CVA building.
The Art Society entails a lot more fun to it than just painting and drawing.
Every Friday is open studio, where members have the opportunity to work on projects, or any art for that matter, in a friendly, inviting atmosphere.
Most open studios include loud music and movies, something that college students today see as an escape from the hard work found in classes.
Open studio gives members a chance to also bond with one another and share ideas and skills through fun workshops.
The Art Society most recently planned for guitar, yarn basket weaving, fractal geometry, and photography workshops to be held during open studio.
The Art Society also holds activities outside of the campus, the most recent being a pumpkin picking expedition, after which they were carved.
Anyone interested in joining can attend one of the weekly meetings, which are held at noon on Tuesdays in CVA room 211 or can contact Meyers at

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