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Email Issues Within Brookdale

November 10, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Tom Martino
During the Governance meeting on Oct. 18, several different charges were brought up to the faculty and student body that attended.
One particular charge that the student development committee discussed was a review of student and faculty email usage.
This charge is to evaluate and recommend changes to Brookdale policy 2.9000, which covers college Computer Resources, Network & Facilities use, which states that “the College will not censor or limit access to any information that does not violate federal, state, or local laws.
To maintain a workplace sensitive to the diversity of its employees and students while preserving both a dynamic and inclusive online community that is necessary to the function and purpose of higher education, the authorized and responsible exercise of computer privileges is required of all users,” according to the Brookdale website’s network use policy.
The change to policy that the current student development committee members would like to see would be proper usage of the web portal and also ensuring security and access.
The charge also involves reviewing, revising, and reaffirming of the committee’s 2007-08 student email account guidelines.
These guidelines currently state that the Brookdale student’s school e-mail account will be the official method of communicating on the many Brookdale campuses between faculty and students.
However it is up to the students to forward their personal Brookdale email accounts to their personal accounts.
These few new recommendations towards the policy it will not impede faculty efforts to communicate with other means such as ANGEL.

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