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New Jersey Makes Election Statement

November 10, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

Election Cartoon

By Katherine Kim
Based on the polls and articles from The Star-Ledger, a large majority of Americans from coast to coast casted their votes, making Republicans take majority of The House of Representatives.
Currently by a slim 53 to 46 margin with only one independent, Democrats still hold the Senate majority.
As the national trend of American votes swept most Democrats out of office, New Jersey’s Democrats remained mostly unscathed.
Of the 13 House of Rep. seats that went up for office this year, only one Democrat lost their seat; changing the original count of five Republicans and eight Democrats to six Republicans and seven Democrats.
Neither Senate seat was up for election this year.
Democrat representative John Adler lost to Republican John Runyan in a close 50 percent to 47 percent tally for New Jersey’s third Congressional district.
Democrat representative Frank Pallone seemed close to losing his seat as well to Republican representative Anna Little to a 54 to 44 percent tally for New Jersey’s sixth district.
According to the polls taken on Election Day, New Jersey voters’ voiced their concerns stating taxes, unemployment, and the economy as their biggest problem.
However, most districts have found that their current representatives have been satisfactory enough to be re-elected with mostly landslide victories.
The next Congressional elections to take place are the Senator elections and the Presidential election in 2012.

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