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November 10, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

To Write Love On Her Arms

By Brian Harris
On Friday, Nov 12, people all over the world will be sporting the word “Love” on their arms as a show of support.
It’s a part of the “Love is the movement“ message that is spread by the non-profit organization To Write Love On Her Arms.
TWLOHA is a organization that was started in March of 2006 by Jamie Tworkowski after he helped a friend of his, Renee Yohe, an addict who also had trouble with depression, suicidal tendencies and self-injury.
On the organization’s website, Tworkowski tells the story of how for five days, he and a group of friends helped Yohe detox because the treatment center wouldn’t accept her because the nurse saw the freshly carved words “F**K UP” on her arm and deemed her too much of a risk.
For the five days before she could go into rehab, Tworkowski and his crew showed her the love and caring that friendship has to offer in hopes that it will help her get on the path back to a healthy and happy life.
Since the organization’s founding, TWLOHA has used social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and also the support of bands like Switchfoot and Anberlin to help get the message out that people who suffer from mental health issues are not alone.
Why is this so important, you may ask?
As a person who lives with depression and social anxiety, I know first-hand the darkness that invades your life.
At my lowest point, I couldn’t even bring myself to leave the house for a couple of months at a time, simply because I couldn’t bring myself to face the outside world.
I put on a lot of weight and was hurting not only myself but everyone around me. After facing the demons that not only haunted me but other members of my family as well, I can now go out and live my life to the fullest.
With that being said, it’s still a day-to-day fight for not only me, but for anyone who suffers from this.
That’s why I, along with thousands of others, will have “Love” written on our arms on Nov. 12 because maybe one person who is having a tough time with life will see that hope is there and it will get better.
For more information on TWLOHA and ways to find help for yourself or a loved one, go to

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