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Student Ambassadors Take Many Roles

November 2, 2010 by Eaglecorps911

By Stephanie Spellman
Being a Student Ambassador here at Brookdale isn't as easy as it seems. We have many different tasks that we have to get done in the time that we punch in until the time we punch out. In addition to many different job positions to choose from. We can make Student ID cards, run the game room or work the help desk in the Student Life Center. When we are in the game room, we have to monitor it at all times and make sure no fights break out and nothing gets stolen. We keep the pool sticks, game controllers and games behind the desk to make sure of it. In the game room, we have two pool tables, one big screen TV with an X-box hooked up to it, and another one with a PS3 attached. Most people spend their time in the game room playing pool against one another while making new friends during breaks between classes. The I.D room, here at BCC is also the room that has the cubicles for the clubs here on campus. To keep track of the constant flow, we have to sign everybody in and take their IDs if they want to go to a club’s cubicle. We also validate and make new IDs for the semester for the students ,and we have to check the work e-mail and make IDs for the Higher Ed Centers. The info desk is our busiest place. We have to answer the phones, do the postings on the bulletin boards, validate IDs, direct people if they are lost, sell tickets for different events either going on in the campus or community. We also keep a clean environment and make sure people don't get too loud and no fights happen. We also have Student Ambassadors in the CAR building, who give tours and help people around that area. Student Ambassadors have meetings every Monday that run from 4 to 5 p.m. with leadership training together every other Monday at the same time. We are a huge part of Brookdale Community College and I’m honored to say that I’m one of the many Ambassadors here on campus.

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